We effectively create for Poles possibility to make money in a native enterprise based on the results of passion of Polish scientists, Polish biotechnological inventions and unique, native values.





Jarosław Zych - Founder of Colway, a charismatic leader, courageous, even audacious, relentless in his pursuits, who never takes rejection or criticism personal. He is perceived as a strong man, with a strong personality, in closer contact turns out to be extremely friendly to people, pragmatic and a man of compromise. Whatever he undertakes to do, is carried out with unrelenting consistency, usually leading to a successful conclusion. A man, who does not give in to the thoughts of defeat, never stops climbing and setting ambitious targets.
He is one of those characters who bring tremendous value to the lives of others, leaving a trace in people’s stories that create new standards and a new reality.  A workaholic, who does not acknowledge compromises with himself. He is as well difficult to convince, but once convinced becomes very involved.
 Born in 1961 - Resident of Gdańsk. He speaks of himself as: “a real salesman", i.e. a practitioner of the art of trade, in which he is close to mastery level and for years, was able to pass on its elements to others, which he still continues to date. He holds many spectacular records in this field. In the 80's - a living legend within the circle of Polish salespersons.
As one of the best salespersons, and later regional distributors of AAC Rainbow - he created patterns of commercial presentations, managerial tools, training programs for salespeople and telemarketers.  An author of numerous articles and scripts on this topic. Master of effective action, instruments for creating demand and techniques for closing sales. A good organizer, inspirational speaker, recognised authority and marketing strategist in the MLM industry.
The stage seems to be his natural element. Even an accidentally recorded educational video with his participation; within a short time had several thousand access on different portals where it was replicated. In spite of this Jarek Zych does not seek media fame. He finds complete fulfilment in Colway, in which - as he always modestly repeats - he was recruited at the turn of 2003/2004 by his partner and creator of the concept of collagen MLM - Maurice Turek.
A man of many life histories that could provide a canvas for several film scripts. A liberal, cosmopolitan, globetrotter and autodidact.  An erudite with comprehensive knowledge and experience. He is always reforming, changing and improving something .  Controversial, and sometimes downright scandalous. He does not choose beaten paths but looks for his own, better ones. A man with an extremely light pen and well trained tongue. For many years his texts were copied and quoted by the competition. When he approaches something with passion, he can quickly acquire knowledge in the field at a professional level . An example is his latest book "Vitamin C-olway" which caused a stir not just among consumers of dietary supplements.
He had many passions and interests in life, majority of which have been gradually supplanted from his free time by Colway; to which he devotes all his commitment, talent, ingenuity and time. The organization, which for a very long time he stopped treating as business and work. He never exalted and detached himself from the people, he led and noticeably extremely liked. Success has not changed his views or attitude to the world, goodness, money, and social relationships.
He finds himself can no longer able to separate business from his privacy. He has become a passionate advocate of lifestyle in network marketing, with the conscious assistance of participants in the changes occurring. People sometimes say: “Colway is Zych.”
Maurycy Turek – Founder of Colway, a visionary, dreamer and an indefatigable seeker of new concepts. An individual totally deaf to the word: "no", and in particular "it is impossible". A model specie; representative of those who are always improving the outdated reality because they are able to replace the usual things with unusual. He is capable of pushing undertakings, which no one gave a chance onto tracks, which the end cannot be perceived. He is a man of unusual warmth, modesty and generally well-liked. He has the gift of reconciling people, discharging tensions and settling disputes. An excellent organizer and a good orator. He shares his talent, energy and experience with others; including people outside the Colway organization. He also runs his own training center - Main Brain in Warsaw.
A resident of Gdańsk, born in 1970. A graduate of the Maritime College, where he discovered in himself more of a globetrotter than a typical sea wolf. Cruises on the seas and oceans of the world on the legendary sailing ship "Dar Młodzieży" aroused in him a never quenching thirst for getting to know - people, the world and opportunities. Maurycy started out, like many people with a permanent employment in the financial sector.
As a very young man he was interested in independent entrepreneurship and direct marketing in which he saw a chance for himself to achieve a financial promotion. He quickly joined the brave, and set up during the period of political transformation in Poland, his own company - the best school of entrepreneurship. He fine-tuned his marketing skills in MLM organizations and direct sales among others; "Rainbow" and "Vision". He managed the regional sales office of the company - Raypath. He also achieved spectacular organizational and recruitment successes in external marketing projects.
It was Maurycy who first understood the enormous marketing potential in Poland for fish collagen. A brilliant product, too demanding for sell in traditional retail stores. A product that has to be sold - by demonstrating its advantages.
In 2003, he devised in his mind the organizational vision of consumer and distribution. Maurycy Turek is the originator of the simple, generous to participants, and at the same time an avant-garde financial plan; and also the inventor of the concept of development of such a venture. His vision for nearly 100% is in line with the subsequent history of the early years of Colway - an organization that has been very successful in the arena/market of Multi Level Marketing in Poland. The organization, to which more than 100,000 people have joined!  
This is, however, not the end of the journey for Maurycy - the visionary. He continues to new and risky challenges, such as his business dream of Colway Internet TV - an innovative, bold project, destined to give its participants a great tool for business communication and multiplication of marketing structures.
In his spare time, he rides a motorcycle, flies a gyrocopter, dives, sails and absorbs all the technical innovations. He even finds time to act as a skiing instructor. He is able to outstrip the ideas of others, even his. Maurycy Turek’s day always had more than 24 hours.

We create, an available for everyone, enterprise. We thrive from: worldwide known – polish resourcefulness, ingenuity, and ability to charge and win. Colway is an affiliate marketing carried out in The Polish Way. Based on the consumer advocacy phenomenon,  which has effectively rejected  foreign practices.  Transparent and targeted at participants with whom we share the income very generously. Our vision for the coming years is to share even larger amounts of money with an even larger amount of participants




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