Natural Collagen Platinum

Natural Collagen Platinum
Natural Collagen Platinum
Natural Collagen Platinum
Natural Collagen Platinum
Natural Collagen Platinum
Natural Collagen Platinum
Effects: rejuvenation, regeneration, hydration
Capacity: 50, 100 or 200 ml

Smooth, supple, flexible, healthy and glowing... 
So may look like your skin!
It's simple, just provide it with the necessary youth protein - collagen - in a unique form of Natural Collagen. This cosmeceutical will not only revitalise your skin and smooth wrinkles but it will take care of it in extreme situations. It will speed up healing of burns, abrasions, insect bites and herpes. Collagen Platinum is completely natural and safe product, perfect for very sensitive or even irritated skin. It brings long-term relief quickly and effectively and supports restoration of delicate skin.

Natural Collagen Platinum is recommended for the face, neck and neckline.

Properties of the selected components

Collagen is a key component of our skin. Its age-related deficits cause wrinkles and skin laxity. Using the Natural collagen Platinum we activate production of our natural collagen, thereby stimulating the cells responsible for its manufacture (fibroblasts) in the natural way.   
Elastin, sister of collagen protein. It is necessary to preserve the great elasticity of the skin. With it, your skin will be more resistant to stretching and changing shape. 
Lactic acid
will take care of beautiful skin, providing it with smooth and radiant glow. The organic component will softly smooth rough skin, perfectly brighten it up and stimulate its cells to produce valuable ceramides preserving water in your skin.

How to use and advice

Apply collagen once or twice daily onto clean and moistened skin. Spread the product onto skin including the eye area and rub until totally absorbed. Then after a few minutes (about 2) apply skin-care cream.

You can increase care effect of Natural Collagen Platinum by using Scrub regularly.
The best results can be obtained, when using other products from the care line COLWAY along with Collagen. They can work in synergy then and increase their effectiveness.

*The suggested list price of this product is 227, 337 and 477 PLN. respectively for 50, 100 or 200 ml.
As we do not compete with our distribution network, any discounts from the price you can get only by joining us.

We are the organization which one can join with the accompany of placing person. If you do not know such a person, then give us your email address, phone number and zip code, and we will make sure that the COLWAY Manager in your region contacts you.

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