Eye elixir

Eye elixir
Eye elixir
Effects: Smoothing, illumination, rejuvenation
Capacity: 15 ml

A unique combination of components in the cosmetic solves the two fundamental problems of eye area care - wrinkles, bruising and swelling. Your skin will flourish again with the fibroblast growth factor-FGF-1, this exceptional component will take care of active growth of your skin cells, providing flexibility, density and firmness of the skin.

it will regain radiant and fresh appearance with components stimulating skin microcirculation, oxygenating and nourishing skin cells.

Properties of the selected components

FGF-1 is a leading component of the Elixir, the first biotechnologically developed and manufactured entirely in Poland - fibroblast growth factor. Component which is very expensive and just as effective! Strongly activates skin cells (fibroblasts) to cell division. The effect is an increased amount of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, resulting in improved flexibility, density, and skin hydration.
Eyeseryl and the Extract of cornflower - they determine the next course of action of the product. These ingredients stimulate microcirculation, affect nutrition, oxygenation and reduction of swelling of skin. These ingredients will also help youto get rid of problems such as dark circles, bruised and swollen eyes quickly.

How to use and advice

Apply eye elixir on cleansed skin, spreading and massaging the product under the eyes, then the remains move to the upper eyelid and massage gently.
Eye elixir, because of the richness of active substances and the strength of its action can also be a beauty cream face.

Application of Natural Collagen before application of cream increases the care effects. The greatest improvement you will feel after using the Elixir systematically.

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