Packaging: 60 capsules

An elementary component of the dietary supplement AXANTA is astaxanthin, a carotenoid special in nature that occurs in plants and animals, without exception considered to be a healthy food. It is astaxanthin which dyes meat of salmon and many shellfish eaten as seafood, as well as seaweed and algae, among others Haematococcus pluvialis, from which it is extracted by our renowned Swedish producer. Astaxanthin is a substance highly desired by consumers of dietary supplements. For years only leading producers of dietary supplements have been composing their products with it. 

AXANTA also contains standardized to 95% piperine black pepper extract, which assists: digestion, immune system, functioning of the respiratory tract and cleansing of the liver, the whole surface of our skin as well as sex organs and blood circulation. It has got reproductive functions for female reproductive system and vitalizes nervous system.
The composition of AXANTA also includes a complete set of B vitamins, recommended in supplementation to people who can feel their deficiency.

AXANTA is a part of supplementing programme of COLWAY.

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