COLWAY – a recognized brand

COLWAY – a diamond cut brand

We have achieved our “diamond cut” through years of tedious processing involving learning the expectations and needs of the users of our cosmetics. Such a cut gives a reliable brand a glow that permeates everything else – just like our collagen molecules penetrate through the epidermis layer. And so, we too have refuted one of the hardest dogmas of cosmetology – the impermeability of collagen through the skin.

COLWAY Natural Collagen

It is us who, building since 2004 on an epochal Polish invention of the Natural Collagen brand, have finally given women a cosmetic with the shortest INCI composition in the world, which does not just counteract the effects of the passage of time, but directly targets the main cause of wrinkles – collagen deficiency. Millions of bottles distributed only in Poland have changed the view of women on anti-aging prophylaxis. And when we were not even stopped by patent protection and increasingly common imitation of our Natural Collagen Platinum, Silver and Graphite – we overtook all competition by at least a decade, creating a masterpiece of biotechnology, combining active substances that no one had previously managed to combine with live collagen proteins.

COLWAY Atelocollagen

2017/2018 – COLWAY is invariably setting new trends in the field of anti-age cosmetology. We have given our clients Atelocollagen – the most effective moisturizer stopping the processes leading to formation of wrinkles, which combines three types of biologically active collagen – in the still molecular stage – with gold, liquid silk and a set of substances from the canon of anti-aging ingredients. It’s an innovation that meets the increasing expectations of consumers and shows the power of experience of biotechnologists – the co-creators of our brand. COLWAY Atelocollagen is also a masterpiece in the art of packaging, recognized as the most beautifully packaged cosmetic of 2019 in Poland; and a strong candidate representing our country in the world competition!

Blue Diamond COLWAY

A world-innovative series of cosmetics which crowns the efforts of our experts to develop a product with a quality that matches the perfection of a unique gem – a beautiful, crystal clear blue diamond. Blue Diamond Cream, Blue Diamond Peeling, Blue Diamond Spectrum Ampoules create a trio of perfectly complementary products that can slow down the aging process by influencing the epigenome and fibroblast proliferation, and stimulating the renewal of natural collagen in the skin. We are the first in the world to introduce into the composition of Blue Diamond cosmetics:

A galaxy of scientific stars and COLWAY innovators

COLWAY is also a real galaxy of scientific stars and innovators – visionaries cooperating with us. The class of our products has been created and consulted by people who are of extraordinary class themselves. Those include:

Prof Andrzej Frydrychowski
inventor of the Polish method of obtaining biologically active collagen directly from fish skins. An outstanding scientist with numerous achievements.
Eng. Henryk Kujawa
inventor of the Polish method of obtaining biologically active collagen directly from fish skins. An outstanding scientist with numerous achievements.
Dr Jan Czarnecki
inventor of the Polish method of obtaining biologically active collagen directly from fish skins. An outstanding scientist with numerous achievements.
Dr Błażej Dolniak
discoverer of the first European fibroblast growth factor and a recipe for a safe-to-use immediate undereye bag tightener for COLWAY.
Dr Krzysztof Słoń
long time inventor of the method of obtaining 6-nitrostilbene, which has contributed to accelerating the conquest of space by man. He has developed a hair-loss prevention method of obtaining diosmin for COLWAY, as well as a method of using chemisorptive reactions of oxygen and silver in an elixir with unique bactericidal properties.
Dr Maria Chełmińska
creator of biotechnology using natural atelocollagen and many avant-garde cosmeceutical recipes.
Prof. Krzysztof Warzocha
world-famous scientist, hematologist, luminary and one of the architects of today's Polish medicine at its best.
Dr Filip Porzucek
discoverer of a proprietary method of obtaining lunasin for COLWAY. Lunasin is a sensational peptide that not only inhibits the development of cancer, but has a chance to change the world of biology, genetics and medicine.
Dr Marek Jędryczka
collaborates with the stem cell research team. He has isolated kinetin with properties that significantly prolong the life of plant organisms.

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