Our products are mostly derivatives of the sensational discoveries of Polish biochemistry. We use them to create substances and formulas little-known in cosmetology and health medicine.

Who are we?

COLWAY is a Polish brand – recognized domestically and in the world, with a diamond-cut experience that we have been collecting for over a decade, delivering innovative products to the market on a global scale. COLWAY is all about superior quality collagen-based cosmetics with transdermal activity and unique dietary supplements – mastery of the clever fusion of wealth provided by Nature with the possibilities of ultra-modern technology.

Since the beginning of COLWAY, we have been driven by VISION and PASSION. Thanks to them, we are pioneers in implementing unprecedented products and solutions, and our associates receive tools that provide them with high earning potential.


COLWAY Products


Meet the highest quality COLWAY products. Download the product catalog and find out about the collagens, Golden Atelo Line, Classic Line, Diamond Line and Supplements. Because COLWAY is not only cosmetics but also unique dietary supplements.




Cellular Atelowater

Blue Diamond Cream

Blue Diamond Peeling


Natural Collagen

Collagen Washing Gel

Liquid make-up remover

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